Attorney Melbourne, FL 32901 Foreclosure Defense │Reasonable Fees

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Attorney Melbourne, FL 32901 Foreclosure │Reasonable Fees


Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A., provides attorney help with foreclosure defense, short sales, deed-in-lieu, and real estate law in Melbourne, and all of Florida.  I answer my own telephone at 321.779.1211 and offer a free initial consultation.

Herbert L. Allen, Jr., P.A.
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Federal Law Disclosure: I hereby disclose that my legal services include a bankruptcy practice. Therefore, pursuant to federal law, I disclose that my legal services include assistance which may involve bankruptcy relief under Title XI, U.S.C. and this law firm is a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Attorney Melbourne, FL 32901 Foreclosure Defense │Reasonable Fees

Florida Foreclosure Basics

If you reside in Melbourne, Florida, and have fallen behind on your mortgage, then your lender may foreclose your mortgage in court.  The court foreclosure process may take months, and sometimes years. I urge you to take the proper legal steps to protect your interest. If the lender has its paperwork in order, and proves its case in court, then the court may eventually order the sale of your home, and you may have to move out and find another home.

Florida Foreclosure Defense

Florida law provides foreclosure defense options. In some cases, the lender/servicer may not have filed the correct paperwork in court. In some cases, the lender/servicer may not even have the correct paperwork. As an attorney, I carefully analyze the paperwork filed in court and strive to defend the case. This process may take  months, and may stretch into years. We can also learn more information about your loan.

Attorney Melbourne, FL 32901 Foreclosure Defense │Reasonable Fees

Short Sale

A short sale of the home may be a great option for some homeowners. In some cases, some lenders may agree to a sale of the home for less than is owed on the note. If you have a second mortgage, then the second mortgage holder may have to agree to the short sale also. In some cases, a short sale may allow the homeowner to walk away from the home, and not owe anything. In short sale cases, I strive to reach an agreement that the homeowner will not owe anything after the sale. In some cases, the lender may only approve the short sale if the homeowner pays them something. Each case requires careful study, analysis, and legal planning.

Other Options

In some cases, a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, consent judgment, or other option may help you resolve your loan problems. The government also has programs designed to help some homeowners refinance their homes and to modify their loans.  We can discuss different options at a free initial consultation. 321.779.1211.

Attorney Melbourne, FL 32901 Foreclosure │Reasonable Fees


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